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Dongguan KingSponge Industry Co., Ltd.


Dongguan KingSponge Industry Co., Ltd. - We are a professional manufacturer of sponge products. We have a professional R & D and production team. We produce sponge materials by ourselves and make into related products. Self-produced raw materials enable us to better control the quality and price.

Our products come in several kinds of polyurethane sponge materials, such as: polyester sponge, polyether sponge, melamine sponge, seaweed sponge, flame retardant sponge, reticulated sponge, conductive sponge, antistatic sponge, insulation sponge, antibacterial sponge, photocatalyst sponge, activated carbon sponge, slow recovery foam, and so on.


Our products are involved in various industries, including automobile industry, battery industry, cosmetics industry, filter industry, toys, furniture manufacturing, decoration, automotive accessories, wall sound-absorbing, water and air filtration, parts of electronic products, personal-care supply, Cleaning supplies, etc.

We can make according to your requirements, instructions, drawings or samples. Any sponge, any shape, any size, any color.  Our products are superior in quality and competitive in price.

SponDuct Masks,Mask ,sponge mask

Our company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China. We are a professional manufacturer of sponge products.

We develop and produce various kinds of sponge and products which are material of sponges and foams.

Our products cover a wide range of areas. Including: car care sponge product, rain gutter guards, acoustic foam panels, abrasive sponge, sanding blocks, nail buffers, sponge water and air filters, microphone windscreen and earphone covers, fridge bin liners, household cleaning scrubbers, bath sponge, sponge dust masks, soft sponge toys, activated carbon sponge, conductive sponge, etc.

You can cooperate with us as long as your order involves any sponge and foam product. We will meet all your requirements on the type of sponge, shape, color, size and packaging method.

You are welcome to contact for consultation and order.